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Human Resource Services
  • Provide all human resource forms
  • Assist in managing and resolving employee conflicts
  • Provide assitance for wrongful termination claims
  • Assist in the event of federal wage and hour audits
  • Compliance assistance and record keeping for FMLA
  • Assist with insurance compliance
  • Assist with state unemployment claims
  • Maintain and store employee files
  • Employment notices and posters
  • I9 compliance
  • Employee handbooks
  • Track vacation and sick leave
  • Drug-free workplace
  • Employee handbooks
Payroll & Employee Administration Services
  • Eliminate IRS payroll audit
  • Execute and process payroll checks
  • Direct deposits
  • Deposit federal withholding tax liabilities
  • Deposit state unemployment taxes
  • File state unemployment tax returns
  • File 940 & 941 forms
  • File and mail W-2's
  • Process all court ordered garnishments
  • Provide detailed payroll reports
Workers' Compensation Services
  • Provide workers' compensation coverage
  • Eliminate workers' compensation down payments
  • Eliminate audit and audit premium
  • Manage and process all workers' compensation claims
  • Document and report accidents
  • Investigate and pursue fradulent claims
  • Prepare and assist with workers' compensation hearings
Employee Benefits & Services
  • Reduce time administering employee benefit plans
  • Employees can choose plans which benefit their own needs
  • Provide flexibility in benefit plan design
  • Section 125 plan
  • Assist with enrollment in employee benefit plans
  • Respond to benefit inquiries, claims and complaints
  • Supplemental benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Payroll deduct IRA's
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
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